Covenant Relationship (CR) at MFC is set up to facilitate and equip you to be a committed servant devoted to the Lord.

The THREE sessions (4 classes) are made up of simple, knowledge and relationship building classes that address membership, volunteering, and being set apart as a Disciple of Christ.

Begin by taking CR: Commit which will give you a more detailed overview of the CR Classes.


Commitment to a local church is vital to a Christian’s walk with the Lord. Discover this local church - Maranatha Fellowship’s - vision, mission, who we are, and how to become a member. It’s a great class to meet some of the pastor’s of our church as well!



1st Sunday of the month

10:45am Room 204


Not sure where or how to get plugged in at MFC to volunteer? This is the class! You’ll find a fun time to meet new friends as you all discover your Unique SHAPE the Lord has given you. You’ll get a list of all the ministries you can serve within MFC.




2nd Sunday of the month

10:45am Room 204

(set apart)

Christians are called to be set apart from the world even though we live in the world. Why? How? When? To Whom? This session will address these questions and leave you equipped to be devoted to the Lord on a daily basis.




3rd Sunday of the month

10:45am Room 204

Questions?? Contact the church @ (304)722-6271 or email

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