H.R.5 the "Equality Act"

We believe this is a dangerous bill concerning the rights of every American. 


If you are unfamiliar with this legislation you can read and review it via the button below. We encourage you to take the time to read it yourself and make your own opinion and decisions concerning it in light of God’s Word.

Maranatha Fellowship Church's Stance

Maranatha Fellowship Church’s stance on this legislation is that it will have a negative impact on religious and moral freedoms of businesses, churches, non-profit organizations, teachers, students, health care professionals, and every citizen of the United States. This bill is only about equality in name alone and can potentially put us into positions of oppression.

What Can You do about it?

Sign the Petition

As registered voters in the state of West Virginia, we can urge Senator Joe Manchin and Senator Shelley Moore Capito to vote against H.R.5, the “Equality Act”, by electronically adding your name to the petition with the button below.

Email your Senators

Use the buttons below to go to our senators’ contact pages and fill out the forms voicing your opinion.

Call your Senators

Voice your desire to be accurately represented as a constituent under their representation.
Senator Joe Manchin’s Charleston office number is 304-342-5855.
Senator Shelley Moore Capito’s Charleston office number is 304-347-5372.

This is a matter of urgency because we do not know when the Senate will be trying to pass this. Read for yourself, sign today, call today, and make your voice heard today. The government works for us and represents us, let us do what we can to honorably and respectfully hold them to that standard.

Extra Info

Use the button below for additional information.