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- welcome to maranatha fellowship church-

Welcome! We are thrilled to have you as a guest @MFCtoday. If this is your first time visting us, whether online or in person we want to make you feel right at home. 


We would love to have you join us for one of our services here on campus at 2910 Kanawha Terrace in Saint Albans, West Virginia. As you're coming down Kanawha Terrace you will see the church on your left (heading east) or on your right (heading west). There are many places to park on both sides of Kanawha Terrace. Once you are parked, the best entrance to use is the main entrance at the front of the building.















Here you will be greeted and on your right once you enter the lobby be sure to visit our information desk. There you will find a couple members of our Guest Services team to help answer any questions you may have and/or direct you, your teens, and your kids to their respective areas.


If you need to attend a restroom you will find our main women's facilities down the hallway to your left and our main men's facilites down the hallway to your right.


Once you are ready for the service to begin, make sure to grab a "Life At Maranatha" handout from one of our greeters. Our ushers will gladly help you to your seat if you would like, or if you prefer you can certainly seat yourself. Sit anywhere you'd like in the sanctuary. Upon your first visit, the size of the Sanctuary can be slightly overwhelming, but don't be intimidated, give it a chance and soon you'll see it starts to feel like a great big living room where your family hangs out. 


As service gets close to starting, pay attention to the screens for a weekly loop of important announcements. We start our services @MFCtoday with powerful, engaging worship. You will see a mixture of many different musical stylings and tempos ranging from high-energy praise to contemplative worship, with even some old-time hymns mixed in there.














From there we will usually transtion into a time for the message from our Senior Pastor Darren Powell or one of the other 10 Pastors on staff here at Maranatha. 














There are many different things that you can experience here on campus but our main concern is that you encounter and experience the presence of God. It is our desire to be a place and a people where heaven touches earth. At some point while you're on campus, introduce yourself to some people. We exist to love people, build strong families and transform our city, it's what we do! Here we are all about community here and we want you and your family to feel like you belong!


We can't wait to see you!


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