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      Becoming a Christian begins with faith and is lived by faith. Having faith is all that is asked of us in the beginning of this journey. As you get to know God, as Father, and Jesus as Savior your faith will grow in maturity. To get a jump start on this faith walk the website link below takes you to 10 Basic Steps to Christian Maturity. Our faith journey isn’t made up, as a whole, by “if you do this, then this will happen.” However, there are basic concepts and disciplines discussed in the Bible that help our faith increase as we get to know God through Jesus Christ. Each step is listed on the main page and as you click on the step it will take you to a short reading and then questions to help you dig into the Word and find out what’s in the Bible!


10 Basic Steps to Christian Maturity:


      Below you will find a few quick tips to get you started. There isn’t a one size fits all way of faith living. But when it comes right down to it reading the Bible, praying, spending time with other Christians, getting baptized, and telling others about your faith are all biblically based disciplines that have been practiced by countless Christians for centuries and a really good, simple place to begin your journey.


Tips for New Christians

  • Read the Bible Daily  -  The Bible will help you to learn more about God and who He is. The Bible, also, gives you practical advice about how we should live. Reading the Bible is spending time with God. A good place to start is the Gospel of John that is found in the New Testament of the Bible. This book will give you information on the life of Jesus Christ, His miracles and His teachings to His followers. To learn more about the Bible, download the Free Bible Tool Kit from Hosanna Revival. 


Bible Reading Resources: 

*Bible Tool Kit: Hosanna Revival (FREE download)

*YouVersion Bible App


  • Start to Pray  -  Prayer is simply communicating with God. As you pray express your thankfulness to God, tell Him your needs and pray that He will bless others too. Before long you will see the difference prayer makes in your life and the lives of those around you. Prayer is also listening to God. As you communicate with Him more, you will begin to “hear” Him answer you….very few people hear the audible voice of God. However, we hear Him by revelation through scripture, a thought in our heart, or through other people. If you’re reading the Bible daily it will help you recognize the Truth of God’s word when you hear it. Prayer time with God can include a time of worship. Telling God how wonderful He is frees us from thinking about all our issues and problems. Putting our mind on Him is peaceful and restful. Play some praise and worship music to turn your mind onto Jesus. 


  • Spend time with other Christians  -  Find a Bible believing church and get involved. We go to church to be equipped so we can take Jesus back out into the world. Find a church that encourages you to be all God created you to be. Find out how to serve in your church and with your church in the community. Get involved in a Bible study or life group. Ask a Christian friend for coffee or lunch to talk about the faith walk. 


  • Get Baptized  -  Jesus said to His followers that they needed to go into all the world to make disciples and then baptize them. This baptism is being fully immersed in a pool of water. When we are baptized we are telling the world, or making a statement, if you will, that we have decided to put our Faith in Jesus Christ. Maranatha has baptism about 2-3 times a year. Contact the church if you’d like to sign up! 


  • Tell others about your new faith  -  Sharing your faith can be fun and rewarding. You might like to start by telling people close to you that you have accepted Jesus into your life. It may be a little uncomfortable at times when you know someone seems really against the Christian faith. But, look at you? You now know that God is real and Jesus came to bring you back into a personal relationship with Father God. Others need to know what He has done for you! Telling others is really just as simple as telling people your story! Telling others about your new faith is showing them God’s love. 


Internet & Book Resources

       Maranatha YouTube channel: Teachings, Praise & Worship 

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